Rises The Night

Rises the Night by: Colleen Gleason

Series: The Gardella Vampire Chronicles (Book 2)

This book was pretty bad, so I wouldn’t recommend it and don’t want to waste too much time talking about it.

My main reason for disliking it was that the series went from being an original romance/adventure in the first book (The Rest Falls Away) to being a typical trashy romance. Victoria’s character was disgusting and shallow. How convenient that she is only attracted to handsome men. She has no self control and throws herself at Sebastian the first time she sees him and every other time after that. It was so predictable.

On a positive note, the vampires make it a little more interesting and I still enjoyed the character of Max. Also, Gleason does a surprising plot twist at the end, just like her first book in The Gardella Vampire Chronicles, which was an improvement because it was the only surprise in the whole book.


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