The Glass Castle

The Glass Castle by: Jeannette Walls

Published: 2005

# of pages: 288

Quote: There are way too many to pick from!!

Walls did an excellent job writing a memoir that flows and feels like a story. Walls’ description of her life from age 3 through her adult years was just as action packed and gripping as a novel and is perfect for fans of memoirs and fiction alike.

A friend of my mom’s said she read this book with her jaw gaping open in amazement the entire time. I reacted the same way, especially during the first half of the memoir. Unfortunately, I found the second half more believeable, although it is still amazing that Walls lived in such terrible conditions and has created such a well-written account of her experiences.

This is a story of success, of perseverance, of love, and encouragement. Walls is an ultimate role model, especially for other people who have grown up in similar environments. I was struck by her common sense and cheered for her as she made bold decisions to change her life. I also admired how close she was to her older sister and younger brother. The love between the 3 of them was beautiful and if there was only one good thing about the circumstances they survived, it was that they were brought closer together through everything.

I 100% recommend this memoir to everyone. It is entertaining, heartbreaking, encouraging, and an eye opener to how some people live, even in modern America. It is also a lesson that although stereotypes may try to condemn a person to a life of hardship, there’s always a chance of breaking free and building a successful way of life.

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