Practical Magic

Practical Magic
by: Alice Hoffman

Published: 2003

# of pages: 304

Whew! It’s been forever since I’ve posted! I haven’t read a whole lot of interesting books since February, but now I’m starting to pick up the pace again so I’m back to blogging. I read this one a long time ago, but I’m going to go ahead and do a short review.

I honestly didn’t care for this book. I like the whole magical realism genre, I think it’s very interesting. However, I thought that Practical Magic had too much unnecessary crudeness and language in it. The overall story is fun though. I remember enjoying the movie, I think that if you are interested in this book you might as well just watch the movie. It’s different, but I think it’s different in a good way.

That being said, the story is very girl power. It’s about two sisters who grew up with their two aunts, who are known to be witches. The two sisters go their separate ways as they grow up and one has two daughters. When the daughters are teenagers an event happens that brings the other sister into town. The 4 women become close as they live together over a summer. The daughters start becoming women, all of them start to find their place in the world as they confront their pasts, and they all start falling in love with four different men. Of course, the two old aunts have to come and be a part of all of this bonding so they come along at the end of the summer and everyone is happy.


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