Ten Oldest TBR Books

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday by That Artsy Reader Girl is Top Ten Books That Have Been on my TBR List the Longest.

These are all on the first page of my Goodreads TBR list which I created in 2012:


Half Broke Horses  
by: Jeannette Walls

I enjoyed The Glass Castle so I thought I would check this out as well, but it just hasn’t happened.



Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
  by: Seth Grahame-Smith

Isn’t there a movie based on this book? I watched a movie called “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,” but I haven’t read that book.  My husband read this one and enjoyed it so I put it on the list…6 years ago.


The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks  
by: Rebecca Skloot

My mom recommended this to me and I’ve seen it recommended highly on several book blogs.



His Majesty’s Dragon  
by: Naomi Novik

Part of the reason this has been left on my TBR is because I didn’t really like Uprooted.  Not that it was bad, but I worry that this will be another 3 star book.


The Stand
  by: Stephen King

I’ve been meaning to read this for the longest time.  I really should get around to it!



The House on the Strand  
by: Daphne du Maurier

I’ve loved the other books I’ve read by this author, but I just haven’t gotten around to checking this out.



The Double Bind  
by: Chris Bohjalian

I don’t know why this is on my TBR.  Some books by the author I like, some I don’t.  But just the cover and the name seem boring.



Life As We Knew It  
by: Susan Beth Pfeffer

This seems like a book I’d really like so I don’t know why I haven’t read it yet.



The Clutter Cure: Three Steps to Letting Go of Stuff, Organizing Your Space, & Creating the Home of Your Dreams  
by: Judi Culbertson

Hahaha, I should post a picture of the loads of clutter around my house to share with this.


A Duty to the Dead  
by: Charles Todd

I’ll probably take this off one of these days.  It doesn’t look bad, but with a TBR list that’s 14 pages long, this doesn’t seem like a priority.



In My Hands: Memories of a Holocaust Rescuer  
by: Irene Gut Opdyke

This seems worth reading so hopefully I’ll get around to it someday.

7 thoughts on “Ten Oldest TBR Books

    1. At one point it wasn’t available at my local library, but it might be now. I also just got a card at the neighboring county’s library so it will probably be there since that’s a large network. I just actually need to stop being lazy and look it up!


    1. I keep thinking I should go through and take books I know I will never read off my TBR list, but this one is going to stay because I really do want to read it someday!

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