Finished with What’s in a Name?


Have you completed the What’s in a Name challenge?  Please share your post with a list of all the books you’ve completed, whether it’s your updated original sign up post or a new post.  Also, please give suggestions for next year’s challenge and any thoughts on this year’s in the comments!

I’ll be sharing the 2020 sign up on December 1st unless someone else would like to take over hosting.  I’d love to host again and already have the categories lined up, but obviously I’m not the most interactive host, especially since my family started fostering back in May.  So if someone else would like to take over I’m perfectly willing to hand over the reigns and simply participate in 2020.


10 thoughts on “Finished with What’s in a Name?

  1. Hi, here are some suggestions for next year:
    A book with antonyms in the title (e.g., War and Peace, Big Little Lies)
    A title that uses the same word twice (e.g., Absolom, Absolom; Boy Meets Boy)
    A title indicting possession (e.g., Sophie’s Choice, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Their Eyes Were Watching God)

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  2. Thank you! I love this challenge – it usually gets me excited to read books already on my shelf but it is just fun all year long to collect titles that work. If you want help with categories for next year, let me know and I can brainstorm a few?


  3. Just reviewed the last book I needed to complete the 2019 challenge. It’s the first reading challenge I’ve actually finished this year! Thanks for hosting and I’m already thinking about books to fit next year’s categories. There are some tough ones there but then that’s the challenge 😀

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