Travelin’ Thursday: Central Park

Part of the Manhattan skyline from Central Park
March 2008

Travelin’ Thursday: Glockenspiel

Munich, Germany June 3, 2006
My mom and I went on a trip to Greece in June 2006 and stopped in Munich, Germany for a day on the way. This is the Glockenspiel, a clock that chimes every hour and at 5:00 PM every day little figures come out of it and dance around. We didn’t see it at 5:00 because I was feeling sick and we were both suffering from jet lag, so at that time we were on the very slow train back to Friesing and our hotel (after one train was delayed and we got on another one going the wrong way).

Travelin’ Thursday

I’ve been inspired by many other bloggers who do things like Wahoo Wednesday (Bookfool) and Wordless Wednesday (book-a-rama) and have decided to start “Travelin’ Thursday”. It will be my opportunity to share pictures from my many travels throughout the year. I was happy to be able to post some from Jakarta earlier this week and kept thinking of the many other beautiful pictures I have of interesting places that I would like to post. So here it is!

Our honeymoon in the Caribbean: St. Maarten, Dec. 2006.

It’s all gray and nasty looking outside, it makes me happiest to think of the Caribbean right now.