What I’m Reading Wednesday (9/27/17)


What I’m reading:  Spooky South  by: S.E. Schlosser

Where I’m reading:  On the couch with my new soft and fluffy throw blanket.

What page I’m on:  75

Where I acquired the book:  Bought it from Amazon a couple of years ago!  It wasn’t available at the library.

What I think so far:  I started reading this 2 years ago and never finished.  The stories are quaint, but aren’t told in a very “spooky” way.  I appreciate the fact that the author decided to collect and retell stories from across the South U.S., but none of them really draw me in.  It’s still a neat and quick read (I just need to actually finish them all this year!)  The illustrations are really neat.

What I’m Reading Wednesday (9/20/17)


What I’m reading:  Something Wicked This Way Comes  by: Ray Bradbury

Where I’m reading:  My usual place on the couch, but this time with some Chick-fil-A for breakfast!

What page I’m on:  167

Where I acquired the book:  The library.

What I think so far:  I’m not super impressed.  It’s creepy, but it’s written almost like poetry at times.  I feel like the action and the characters’ thoughts are interrupted by so many unnecessary words and metaphors.  The only other book by Bradbury I’ve read is Fahrenheit 451, which I really enjoyed.

What I’m Reading Wednesday


What I’m reading:  Oryx and Crake  by: Margaret Atwood

Where I am reading:  At home on the couch near my laptop, surrounded by notebooks and pens and kid toys.

What page I’m on:  62 of 376

What I think so far:  This has been on my list for a long time, but I’ve always felt too intimidated to read it.  I enjoyed The Handmaid’s Tale by the same author, but didn’t like The Blind Assassin or Cat’s Eye.  But I’m enjoying it so far!