2019 Book Bingo

Hosted by: The Grand World of Books

– An author’s debut book:
– A banned book:
– A book someone recommended to you:
– A book written 19 years before you were born:
– Your most recently acquired book:
A book you didn’t get to read in 2018Where the Crawdads Sing  by: Delia Owens
– A book published in 2019:
– A book with more than 219 pages:
– A translated book:
An award winning book:
– A book that is becoming a moving in 2019:
A book you didn’t choose because of the cover:
– FREE space read:
A book by an author you have never read before:  The Witch Elm  by: Tana French
– The first book in a series:  Ink and Bone
– An audiobook:
 – A reread:
– A book written the year you were born:
– A book with less than 219 pages:
– A diverse book:
– The oldest book on your TBR:
– A book in a genre you don’t normally read:
– A book you chose because of the cover:  The Map of Salt and Stars  by: Zeyn Joukhadar
– The 19th book on your TBR:
– A library book:

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