Person & Description – WIAN 2022

This is where you share your link to your book review for the category “a person and their description/characteristic.” Hopefully this won’t be too hard to convey. It’s a person (queen, man, sister, husband, artist, etc) and a word that directly describes them in the same title. Singular or plural.

For example:
The Silent Patient
The Good People
My Dark Vanessa
Pretty Girls
The Lost Man

Leave a link to your review post in the comments!

If you don’t have a blog or didn’t write a review for the book, feel free to share the title and anything else you have to say about the book in the comments section.


14 thoughts on “Person & Description – WIAN 2022

    1. (although, rethinking this title… might have to read Brown Girl Dreaming and count that one. I’m sure I’ll have many to offer this category before the year is up. I’m still at a loss for the speed category, though!

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